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Kane's Model Viewer is a WPF-based XNA content-loading and model-viewing tool for .fbx and .x model files.  It's purpose is to verify that a model has been prepared in such a way that it is compatible and ready for use in an XNA game, and also as a handy tool to quickly inspect models.

To install, click the big Download button.  This will install the application, via ClickOnce.  After that, it'll check for, and install, updates automatically.


Runtime requirement:
- XNA Game Studio 4.0 installed (required for runtime model-file content buidling piepline).

For development team

  • Source Control: We use TortoiseSVN. The repository is:  For authentication, use your CodePlex username and password.
  • Issue Notification: From the Issue Tracker tab, enable issue notification, so that you'll get emailwhen assigned issues or when there are comments added to your assigned issues.
  • Commits: Do check-in work early-and-often. Lots of little merges is better than big infrequent ones. One feature at the most per commit.
  • Build Stability: After commiting major changes, be sure to check out a fresh copy of the whole repository and confirm it still builds.
  • Merge Conflicts: For merge conflicts, the best thing to do is to do a fresh SVN Checkout and go foward from there (rather than trying to sort out the reason behind the merge conflict).
  • Active Issues: When you start working on an assigned issue, change its status to Active (so we know not to reassign to someone else who's completed all of their issues).
  • Completed Issues: When done with an issue, change the status to "Fixed".  Project coordinator (Adam) will review, and the close the issue if everything looks good.
  • Unassigned Issues:  Mail Adam ( ) if there's a particular unassigned issue that you want to be assigned to.

Development environment:
- Visual Studio 2010 (any edition, including Express).
- XNA 4.0
- .NET 4.0 (Full Profile)

Where possible, we're mimicing the behavior of 3dsmax 2012's model viewing conventions, so that our model viewer feels as familiar as possible, to the artists who will be the primary users.

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